Baki Kitchenware, whose foundation dates back to 1982, started kitchenware production with aluminium tea pots.
Since then Baki Kitchenware has always invested in technology and become a leading producer in the kitchenware sector.
Offering different types of non-stick, steel, copper and aluminium kitchenware products with competitive prices,
today Baki Kitchenware exports most of its products to 4 different continents and takes place in the world cuisine.
Baki Kitchenware has structured its business model as “production only”. While putting some of its production on the market under its own brands,
Baki Kitchenware also offers the rest of its production to world brands by contract manufacturing.

Baki Kitchenware carries out its production based on 6 values
Competitive and different products through R&D Investments
Norms Rising Over Honesty
Absolute Customer Satisfaction
Competitive Pricing Policy
Production Capability Sutable For All Sections and Segments
Flexible and Fast Production Plan
Baki Mutfak